A Prayer for the First Day of School

God of summer fun and the first day of school, I pray for your Spirit to fill me, calm me, and guide me today.

Thank you, Lord, for the summer I had and the people I had it with. And thank you for this new opportunity to learn and grow once again.

Thank you, God, for everyone who helped me get here: my parents and loved ones, my friends and neighbors, the teachers and administrators of previous years.

Guide my new teachers, Lord. Be with the principal, guidance counselor, school nurse, and office administrators. Make me get to know the janitor by name.

God, give me calm as I wait anxiously in the West Street morning traffic and ascend the stairs into the jam packed lobby and hallways. Give me patience as I open my locker and find my classes for the first time.

Holy One, be with me in the band room and the gym, in the library and the cafeteria, in the class I’m looking forward to the most and the subject I am looking forward to the least. Surprise me, Lord.

God, keep the mean girls and boys away from me, and make me not one of them.  If I see someone being treated badly, grant me the courage to act justly. Give me unique concern for those with special needs.

Lord, may our school fail a few subjects this year: labeling, body shaming, gay bashing, racial stereotyping, and bullying of any kind.

Instead, may we live into our full potential, Lord. May we never give up, but may we also be content with imperfection.  Make us to see with love and affection, joy and hope, empathy and understanding.

Gracious God, I trust you with my life, especially on this first day of school. Now let’s go do this, Lord. Lead the way!



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